Bookings & Fees

New term : Thursd. April 12th - Weds 30th 2018 (7 weeks)

Lisa Childs Piano Books
Available timeslots :

Weds 5.00 pm

Please note, 30 min time-slots are only suitable for beginners.

Occasionally, time-slots are changed at the start of a new term. Please feel free to telephone or email if you would like to be notified should your desired timeslot become available.

There are some daytime slots available for children who are not yet in full time school. Please telephone or email for details.

Childrens Lessons: Fees are paid termly in advance at the beginning of the term and lessons booked half-hourly/hourly according to level. For current rates or further info, please feel free to email or telephone (mornings preferred).

Adult Lessons: Lessons for adults are also booked by the term and fees paid in advance of commencing tuition. There are some Tuesday and Wednesday morning slots currently available. Please telephone or email for details.

Other info: If lessons are missed due to illness, I will do my best to reschedule if reasonable notice is given and the replacement lesson should be taken within that current term. If lessons are forgotten or just missed without good reason, fees will not be refunded for that lesson. Lessons continue throughout the year, with a break at Easter, Christmas and August; although during the summer extra lessons can be arranged for those who have exams coming up or wish to continue their studies.

Books: Beginners are taught with the Childs Pianoforte School books 1-4 which are available from this website (please click the above photo to go direct to the page or go to 'links' page). It is the students responsibility to acquire books needed for scales, theory, festivals, exams etc and cover the cost of exam and festival entry fees.

Should you be interested in lessons for yourself or your child, please feel welcome to phone or email for further information.